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How does it work?


Step 1.

Once you have an idea of the service that best caters to your dogs needs you'll then want to complete our short contact form to request an at home consultation.

Step 2.

During the consulation your canine carer will walk you through our pet questionaire and discuss, in depth, the service they will provide and introduce you to our online customer management system.

Step 3.

Upon successful completion of the required paper work we will then arrange key collection and finalise any last minute details ahead of your dogs first visit with their canine carer.

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That's it! Super simple

You will be invoiced monthly in advance for your scheduled visits and if at any time you need to reschedule, this can easily be done via our online customer management system.


Any questions...

Please do not hesitate to ask. We can easily put your mind at ease if you have concerns or require further information. We are 100% confident that you and your dog will love the services we provide but equally we understand how precious your pet is to you and the importance of making an informed decision before choosing a carer that is right for your pup!