..."I couldn't handle my anxiety"

My head was a mess!

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My story

My event business journey began in 2017 following a life altering change of circumstances that meant my whole life needed re-evaluating!

There we were sat in a restaurant, Mum and I figuring out how I was going to navigate my way through this next phase in my life...I felt directionless but knew I wanted to become a business owner, that was a non-negotiable for me. At the time I was helping my sister plan her husbands summer garden party and had come across a photo of a bell tent on pinterest. My creative brain went tick, tick, tick and before I knew it I was in research mode and identified there was a gap in the market for stylish garden parties. 

Nervously, I said to Mum "I've seen these bell tents and think they are a stunning alternative to marquees and I reckon I could make a business out of this." Mum, being my absolute rock and mentor responded in her usual positive way "Go for it Tash, what have you got to lose, you'll have a beautiful tent that you can use for camping with the boys." There and then, decision was made! I secretly knew I wanted to do it but I just needed Mummas words of encouragement ;0)


Cut to 2020

Following 3 successful seasons as a garden party and sleepover stylist the whole world was hit by the dreaded virus (let's not talk about that). With that came the start of my anxiety journey and all of a sudden my confidence hit rock bottom. My business was all I had known and now what?! Overnight, shut down! I doubted everything, felt alone, couldn't see a future, it got so incredibly bad that I eventually reached out for professional help. I am pleased to say that the treatment I received was a huge help. There was something I realised as I came out the other side of this difficult time...


The realisation

The realisation for me was that it was the loneliness that was the catalyst for my mental health breakdown. Sure, I have an amazing support network of family and friends for which I am incredibly grateful for but there is nothing quite like the support you get from someone that is in the same niche as you and can relate to your struggles. Not one for showing vulnerability in a group setting, I didn't feel a facebook group or business community would be right for me, really what I needed was a 1-2-1 connection with a trusted events professional that wasn't just going to tell me everything is going to be ok but someone that would give me a kick up the bottom and say "pull your socks up, you are not giving up now!". Someone that would help me set goals, someone that could keep me on track and not let me go off on a creative tangent and ultimately end up procrastinating!

Now, here's the thing... I do have lots of incredible industry friends but I'm a secretive soul and I don't often like to share my ideas or be super vulnerable with people in my niche. Having my kindness taken advantage of and trust broken many many times I quickly realised I needed to keep my cards close to my chest. It was then that I thought, I can be that person for someone....

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January 2022

It's time to make a change! It's mentoring, that's my souls purpose, that's what lights me up more than anything. So, here I am. Your business buddy. That trusted accountability partner that genuienly wants to support you on your business journey whether that be simply offering a non-judgemental listening ear, someone to brainstorm with, a sounding board and friend. I have learnt so much on this wild and wonderful journey, made the mistakes so you don't have to and I have the knowledge and experience to short cut you to where you want to be. I have too much wisdom not to share and have others benefit from.

Thank you for sticking around and following my story. Always here for you. With love, Tasha x