Our Services

Here are the wonderful ways we can fill the loneliness your dog experiences in your absence. We are currently offering 30min at-home canine care visits (once or twice per day) within 2.5 miles of Caterham.


Street Stroll - 30 minute visit

A 25 minute leisurely lead walk to build sensory stimulation and physical development into your dog's day whilst also promoting stress relief and boredom prevention. The perfect option for dogs who love to take their time to absorb all of the intriguing sights and smells that a street walk has to offer.

What about the other 5 minutes? 

This segment we refer to as ‘final five’, a 5 minute wind down period which consists of water replenishment, a light snack/treat (if allowed) and lots of soothing cuddles. We believe a peaceful departure is a key component in alleviating anxiety and ensuring your dog remains calm and relaxed until you return.